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Dear Molly, Thanks for being the best friend I could ask for. You're always there for me and make me feel special. I'm incredibly grateful that I get to laugh with you every single day. Best, Riley

How it works

To create a letter, it's as easy as filling in the information below.

The generated letter is a "digital card" in that it will live on the web at a URL that can be accessed on the browser and shared easily across all devices.

If you would like to have several different cards from different people on the same page like this, click on the + button in the make card section. These can be addressed to the same person, or just a collection of different cards.

Use cases

  • Creating any kind of letter (birthday, Christmas, wedding etc.) for a family or friend
  • Creating a thank you wall for a teacher, family or friend
  • Collecting some different short stories or pieces of writing
  • Showcasing the work of different students in the same class

... many more, get creative!

Adding images

To add images, there are two options. One, you can find any image online and copy its image address like this

Or, you can upload custom photos to Google Drive and get the image address from there like this (make sure to open the image in a new window!)

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